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Our Stud:



CH. Attaway Dark Side Of The Moon (Floyd)
2004, Black & Silver (AKC#RN07611705)

Owners: Shawne Imler & James and Karin Walden
Handlers: Shawne Imler & Tracey Preto
Breeder: Linda Y Drost


Sire: Attaway Jackpot
        Grandsire: CH. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice
        Greatgrandsire: CH. Wards Creek Blackjack
        Greatgranddam: Wards Creek's Taste Of Cinamon
        Granddam: CH. Bojangles Alpha Chic
        Greatgrandsire: CH. Repitition's Cornerstone
        Greatgranddam: CH. Bojangles Dixie Chic
  Dam: Attaway Summer Breeze
         Grandsire: Phil Adores Medicine
         Greatgrandsire: CH. Wards Creek's Medicine Man
         Greatgranddam: Phil Adores Cute E Claire
         Granddam: Attaway Clover Al Over
         Greatgrandsire: Attaway Ultra Match
         Greatgranddam: Attaway Head Of The Class


Our Bitches:


Ernhart Mai-Miss Tuff Stuff (Missy)
2002, Black (AKC#RN00746602)

Owners: James and Karin Walden
Breeder: Shawne Imler

Sire: CH. Bon Air Tuff Stuff
       Grandsire:CH Blythewood Disuise The Limit
       Greatgrandsire: CH Blythewood Shooting Sparks
       Greatgranddam: Blythewood Geared Up
       Granddam: Blythewood Smoldering Flame
       Greatgrandsire:CH Sandcastle Merlin V Sole Baye
       Greatgranddam: Blythewood Dark Victory
  Dam: Mai-Laur Annona
         Grandsire: CH Penlan Pastatively
         Greatgrandsire: CH Robbie Soucy's Sunny Promise
         Greatgranddam: CH Penlan Pastabilities
         Granddam: CH Mai-Laur Augusta
         Greatgrandsire: CH Mai-Laur Numismatica
         Greatgranddam: CH Mai-Laur Salonina



WLF The Tuff Gets Going (Cindy)
2007, Black (AKC#RN14090603)

Owners & Breeders: James and Karin Walden

Sire: CH Blythewood Going Places
       Grandsire: CH Blythewood Politically Correct
       Greatgrandsire: Blythewood Prince Philip
       Greatgranddam: Blythewood Chatty Kathy
       Granddam: CH Blythewood Dance With Me
       Greatgrandsire: CH Wards Creek's Attaway
       Greatgranddam: CH Blythewood Dancin In The Rain
  Dam: Ernhart Mai-Miss Tuff Stuff
         Grandsire: CH Bon Air Tuff Stuff
         Greatgrandsire: CH Blythewood Disguise The LImit
         Greatgranddam: Blythewood Smoldering Flame
         Granddam: Mai-Laur Annona
         Greatgrandsire: CH penlan Pastatively
         Greatgranddam: CH Mai-Laur Augusta     


Ernhart Havana Wonderful Time (Maisy)
2004, Salt & Pepper (AKC#RN06192802)

Owners: James and Karin Walden
Breeder: Shawne Imler

Sire: CH Jo-Mi's Moment In Time
       Grandsire: CH Blythewood Star Player
       Greatgrandsire: CH Enjoy's Blaque Corvette
       Greatgranddam: Folly's Blythewood Lilly
       Granddam: Blythewood Basic Instincts
       Greatgrandsire: CH Blythewood Shooting Sparks
       Greatgranddam: CH Wyndwood Penny O'Blythewood
  Dam: Dam: CH Ernharts Ninth Wonder
         Grandsire: CH Enjoy's Phantom Of The Opera
         Greatgrandsire:Enjoy's Mister Bo Jangles
         Greatgranddam: Blackheath's Enjoys Dazzle DD
         Granddam: Blythewood Star Light
         Greatgrandsire: CH Blythewood On Camera
         Greatgranddam: Blythewood Light Up The Sky




WLF Wonderful Time In The Dark (Daisy)
2006, Black & Silver (AKC#RN12881604)

Owners & Breeders: James and Karin Walden

Sire: CH. Attaway Dark Side Of The Moon
        Grandsire: Attaway Jackpot
        Greatgrandsire: CH Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice
        Greatgranddam: CH Bojangles Alpha Chic
        Granddam: Attaway Summer Breeze
        Greatgrandsire: CH Phil Adore's Medicine
        Greatgranddam: Attaway Clover All Over
  Dam: Ernhart Havana Wonderful Time
        Grandsire: CH Jo-Mi's Moment In Time
         Greatgrandsire: CH Blythewood Star Player
         Greatgranddam: Blythewood Basic Instincts
         Granddam: CH Ernharts Ninth Wonder
         Greatgrandsire: CH Enjoy's Phantom Of The Opera
         Greatgranddam: Blythewood Star Light



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